Miele Bryanston

“Visit our Miele Experience Center in Bryanston. Miele in Bryanston, Johannesburg is the central hub of Miele in South Africa. It is a unique blend of African culture and tradition juxtaposed with modern, quality home appliances – beautifully interpreted by the 12m high ‘kraal’ wall, face brick wall ‘carvings’, and rough cement gallery floor. Copper … Read moreMiele Bryanston

Miele Brooklyn

“Visit our Miele Experience Center in Brooklyn. Styled upon the latest design trends from Milan, Italy, the Miele Brooklyn gallery pays homage to European kitchen designs and trends. The large shop windows invite visitors to the Brooklyn Bridge precinct to discover the wonderful world of Miele quality and style from a discreet distance. Regular cooking … Read moreMiele Brooklyn

Miele Tygervalley

“Visit our Miele Experience Center in Tygervalley. Situated next to Tygervalley Mall, the Miele Gallery was designed with the intertwined heritages of Cape Town and Europe in mind. Modeled on leading Miele galleries in Europe, it showcases the cream of Miele’s range of appliances. It features a state-of-the-art lifestyle kitchen and function room with regular … Read moreMiele Tygervalley

Miele Umhlanga

” Visit our Miele Experience Center in Umhlanga. The Miele Gallery in Umhlanga reflects the warm cultures present in KZN mixed with the exclusiveness of the glamorous Natal North Coast. A signature red carpet imported from Germany leads the visitor to bold modular displays with finishes and designs being the latest from Europe. Beautiful photographic … Read moreMiele Umhlanga

Miele Deco Park

“Visit our Miele Unboxed Store. Our Unboxed Centre in Northlands deco park, has an extensive range of scratched-and-dented as well as end-of-line items on sale. We also stock GN, FJM & U Bags, Charcoal & Hepa filters, cleaning detergents for coffee machines, washing machines, dishwashers, Washing detergents for dishwashers and laundry which can also be … Read moreMiele Deco Park