We have established ourself as the world’s leader in large scale agricultural processing, industrial manufacturing and wholesale trading of goods in high demand. Zatello Export Trade Pty Ltd is your trading mall, we deal in all. Whatever it is you need to import, we have it in stock. Our business principle is based on partnerships … Read moreZATELLO EXPORT TRADE


Alfa Irrigation is a leading supplier of irrigation systems borehale installation and repair and rainwater harvesting systems for commercial and residential property owners.

Marilyn Poultry Farm

Marilyn Poultry Farm is the most trusted sources of live poultry and supplies for small, mid ,big sized farms, and we are excited to continue expanding our network of hatcheries and production.We are also looking for partners to partner with us as we have a greater vision to improve more and also add see food … Read moreMarilyn Poultry Farm

Meat The Farmer

Meat The Farmer: A small family run business established in 2017 whose focus is to supply the everyday consumer with farm fresh quality meat. Their ultimate goal is to provide the personalised and convenient service of supplying fresh, quality products that are as free range as possible, grass fed, hormone free, routine antibiotic free and … Read moreMeat The Farmer

Dlamini Earthmoving

Dlamini Investment is an earthmoving moving company specialising on Caterpillar machines but also work on all other brands of machines including trucks. As one of the largest dealers for: Lesotho, Swaziland, Mozambique, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana. I have more than 20yrs working experience on this field. Our services We are passionate about the earthmoving … Read moreDlamini Earthmoving