Village Montessori School

About Village Montessori School

The Village Montessori Pre-, Primary and High School was established in 1992 and is registered with the Gauteng Education Department as an Independent School. The school is located on an agricultural holding of approximately 1.3 hectares. The school is based on the Montessori principles as compiled by Maria Montessori, a well known Italian educator. The basis of the method is the viewpoint that each child has an innate desire to learn. The prerequisite to learning taking place is the existence of a prepared environment where the child can be directed and not taught.
We offer
Holistic education that aims to meet the needs of the pupils academically, physically and emotionally.
The prepared environment contains Montessori didactic equipment which allows concrete experiences of concepts.
We encourage understanding through a questioning mind.
Classes are small and consist of a mixed age group, fostering a community spirit and ensuring that the needs of every child are met.
Outings enrich children’s experiences and the Primary and High School children go on an annual camp.
Chess is offered as a subject to all Grade 1 to 7 children.
A third language is also offered to all Senior Primary children.
The examination body for our High School is the Cambridge International Examination Board. The school is a member of the South African Montessori Association.

Contact Details for Village Montessori School

012-664 2944

245 Glover Ave
Lyttelton AH
Gauteng, 0163
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