Time Link Cargo is a privately owned logistics Company. Headquartered in Cape Town, and operating branches nationwide, the company offers specialist service in the areas of long distance transport, national distribution, warehousing and logistical solutions.

Time Link Cargo’s outstanding industry reputation for innovative introductions, logistical solutions and efficient controls is bolstered by a supremely consumer-centred attitude and a highly motivated team. Business relationships translate into partnerships with due regard for the specific needs and preferences of individual clients. Mutual understanding and uncompromising commitment to collaboration form the basis of sound strategic planning and objectives jointly achieved.

Performance and Standards
Time Link Cargo has established exceptionally high standards of operational criteria that follow a strict compliance with legislation. The company boasts modern, well maintained depot facilities that deliver consistently effective control and management systems. The 24-hour manned control room operates throughout the year and offers real-time live vehicle tracking. This capability ensures that proper routes are followed, driving hours are adhered to and that drivers sleep in allocated safe sleeping areas which safe guards the fleet against accidents relating to driver fatigue and incidents of hijacking and load tampering.

Transit Times and Consistency
In recognition of every client’s business reality that time is money, Time Link Cargo constantly strives to improve transit times without compromising on safety. In this endeavour, Time Link Cargo: – Invests in new vehicles and trailers. – Operates new tyres rather than retreads. – Enforces a pre-check list by the driver and on site manager to eliminate on route problems. – Supplies new equipment. – Provides full mechanical support on route to all major destinations. – Provides easy access to parts for vehicles and trailers.

Management Attitude
The Directors, management and staff of Time Link Cargo continually strive to improve service levels to their clients by offering a hands-on approach in the running of the daily activities of the company. The focus on the establishment of long term partnerships is based on the delivery of service and reliability without compromising on safety.

Ongoing performance measurement, coupled with ready access to appropriate technology for remedial action, ensure constant improvement in the pursuit of true service delivery excellence. This is strengthened by a corporate culture of openness to technological and conceptual innovation

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