StarFlyer Enterprise Support Incorporated

About StarFlyer Enterprise Support Incorporated

StarFlyer Enterprise Support Incorporated is a small professional services firm which is passionate about economic transformation. We acknowledge that the South African economic landscape does not represent a level playing field to new enterprises. As such our firm is dedicated to empowering small to medium enterprises (SME’s) by providing a range of turnkey services.

We know that entrepreneurs and start-ups require business administration support but can not always afford these services during the start-up phase. Our aim is to provide business and financial administration services which are tailored to the needs of our clients and do not negatively impact profits during this start-up phase.

In order to assist the small business owner we have tailored our service offering to provide support in the following key areas:
Company Secretarial and Compliance, i.e. New company registrations, Annual Return Filings and general Director’s support;
Pre-incorporation assistance and advice, i.e. Business Plan development and start-up budgeting;
Income and non-direct tax support, i.e. Income Tax and Value-Added Tax calculations and return filings; and
Annual Financial Statement preparation.
As an additional line of support we also provide individual Income Tax assistance and advice to our clients (available on request).

Contact Details for StarFlyer Enterprise Support Incorporated

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