Shifters Automotive Repairs Centre

About Shifters Automotive Repairs Centre

Shifters Automotive Repair Centre
We specialize in all makes of Vehicle’s.
We offer Services to Engine Overhauls.
We do have a One Year Guarantee on the following:

* Clutch Overhauls
* Gearbox Overhauls
* Engine Overhauls
* Cylinder Head Overhauls
* Drive Shaft Overhauls

We also supply Engine Parts on all makes of Vehicle.

Full Headgasket set
Big End Bearings
Main Bearing
Valvestem seals
Engine & Gearbox Seals
Cambelt Kits
Water Pump
Oil Pump
Water Bottle
And many more…..

We do use Courier Services.
Been in Business for 11 years

We Collect & Deliver
Minor Pannel beating and spraypainting

For more info Contact us on 065 978 7858

Contact Details for Shifters Automotive Repairs Centre

[email protected]

065-978 7858
083-513 1725

19 nugget
Gauteng, 1739