Royal Madikwe Safari Lodge

About Royal Madikwe Safari Lodge

Royal Madikwe is an intimate luxury safari lodge run by a close-knit, experienced team with a dynamic workplace culture based on participation and democratic decision-making.
Through an uncompromising dedication to service excellence, The Royal Madikwe offers nothing short of luxurious accommodation, sincere hospitality and spectacular wildlife encounters!
A journey begins with the people you meet and ends with the memories of experiences you’ve shared.
We invite you to share our journey in a place where time stands still and nature calls at your door.
With a passionate commitment to responsible tourism practices, our vision of making a worthwhile difference in luxury eco-tourism is being realized through enriching the local community and preserving our environment.
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Contact Details for Royal Madikwe Safari Lodge

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082-787 1314
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Wonderboom gate
Madikwe Game Reserve
Eastern Cape, 2874