Africa stand strong and we believe in its future . United as one here in one Africa , we are part of those who are building the future of our continent . We believe in the strength of democracy and the foundation of truth. Our voices, in some cases, are all we have. We here at we believe that all Africans and its diaspora need to tackle the challenges together and believe of a brighter and striving Africa . But the work start now . offers its members opportunities to broadcast themselves around the world and connect with members on all continents. We invite you to set up an account on and find out more about this new, dynamic social media tool. One-Africa is an internet based platform with a social component, which can be geared towards the promotion, advertisement, and marketing needs of organizations or businesses. The One-Africa platform drives a large number of members but also supports the creation of online communities, groups, partnerships and thus offers to its participants and affiliates an unprecedented window and visibility to the world.

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