We specialize in pool safety nets and pool solar blankets.We supply customers all over South AfricaAll our Swimming Pool Safety Nets are manufactured from Super Strong HighDensity Polyethylene braid; specially U.V treated to withstand the harsh SouthAfrican climatic conditions & resistant against pool chemicals.Our Swimming Pool Safety Nets have a life expectancy of a few years. The mesh size we use are 10cm x 10cm squares and is small enough to keep a baby’s head from the water, but large enough to preventcrawling or walking on the net. This size has been proven to be the safest forbabies and toddlers. Our fitted net includes stainless steel plates and hooks;one or two floats depending on size and/or need,pulleys and tensionerropes. Our Safety Nets are Custom fitted to your pool, laced and heat sealed! Colorsvary from Blue to Black.We also supply pool solar blankets 500 micron

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