MUCA Organic Highs are purveyors of the freshest, most powerful cat attractants found on this planet!
MUCA is South Africa’s ONLY merchant of the rare Japanese Catnip, Silvervine, and the ONLY artisinal drug merchant for your feline.

We source the finest local and exotic herbs for you and your cat to enjoy. With three different flavors and four unique, non-toxic drugs, there’s a herb to suit the unique personality and needs of every cat.

♥ Organic Catnip
♥ Organic Valerian Root
♥ Wildharvested Silvervine Chewsticks
♥ Wildharvested Silvervine Powder

All MUCA’s plants are organic or wildcrafted without the use of herbicides, pesticides or GMO’s for safer, stronger feline high’s.

Reasons To Get Your Cat High:
♥ Relieves feline depression, enxiety and stress
♥ Decreases boredom in cats (especially cats living indoors)
♥ Encourages all-round feline well-being
♥ Enhances your cat’s natural instincts
♥ A happy cat is a happy home- MUCA guarantee’s the happiness of owners with every bottle of MUCA.

MUCA’s ‘erbs come in paw-proof, reusable and recyclable packaging to ensure potency and happiness in every sprinkle.
All our herbs are sustainably sourced, locally farmed when possible and make use of ethical trading agreements.

My name is Mika and I own and manage every aspect of MUCA Organic Highs. MUCA is a one-woman show so when you shop with MUCA, you know that your support makes a huge difference to a real person!
The word ‘muca’ is the Romanian Gypsy word for ‘cat’. Cats are magical and mystical and have the tendency to behave like gypsies themselves, which is why I went for MUCA as a supernatural experience for your cat. ♥

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