Mobile Putt Putt is all about Fun. Mobile Putt Putt aims to add to the FUN of your event/parties festivities. Mobile Putt Putt brings the FUN to your Party or Event. We set-up prior to the start of your event in your garden, office, tennis court or parking lot. We can set up anywhere as long as the space is minimum 100m2 and the surface is not sand or uneven. We have designed our 9 hole course to adapt to interior spaces if the weather is cold and wet. Mobile Putt Putt is unique and will make your event memorable. You can create your own games, competitions ie closest to the flag, most hole in ones, lowest score, most strokes etc.
Playing Mobile Putt Putt always creates funny moments and the laughter created will give your party that memorable edge.
It is also a safer alternative to the normal Putt Putt party. Dropping your kids off at a putt putt rink with one or two adults supervising can be unsafe.

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