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Minerva Designs is a student-run freelance design studio and social media marketing agency that strives to provide its clients with functional, beautiful and affordable design and marketing services that enable smaller businesses to compete with larger corporations.We’re passionate about entrepreneurs and branding new businesses and our professional services are offered at affordable rates which benefit both the designer and client.Our designers gain practical experience whilst providing small businesses with innovative design solutions that give them the upper hand in a competitive corporate environment.Minerva Designs also believes in sharing functional design through social media marketing strategies. We will design and market your business! Minerva Designs uses popular social media platforms like Facebook to connect your business to a global market.Minerva Designs can assist with a variety of design and creative pursuits not limited to the design of:-Business Cards-Letterheads and Corporate Stationery-Logos-Invitations-Digital Advertisements-Flyers and more!

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[email protected]
[email protected]

079-746 1962

6 Lebombo Str, Noordheuwel
Gauteng, 1738
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