Miele Deco Park

About Miele Deco Park

“Visit our Miele Unboxed Store.

Our Unboxed Centre in Northlands deco park, has an extensive range of scratched-and-dented as well as end-of-line items on sale.

We also stock GN, FJM & U Bags, Charcoal & Hepa filters, cleaning detergents for coffee machines, washing machines, dishwashers, Washing detergents for dishwashers and laundry which can also be purchased on our webshop.

All units have been tested and are in working order.

Appliances come with a 1 year warranty.

Miele Service Certificate, can be purchased on selected items, to extend the warranty of your purchase.

Customers are required to visit the store to inspect if goods are in order.”

Contact Details for Miele Deco Park

011-875 9099

New Market Rd
Unit 68, Northlands Deco Park
Gauteng, 2188
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