Miele Bryanston

About Miele Bryanston

“Visit our Miele Experience Center in Bryanston.

Miele in Bryanston, Johannesburg is the central hub of Miele in South Africa. It is a unique blend of African culture and tradition juxtaposed with modern, quality home appliances – beautifully interpreted by the 12m high ‘kraal’ wall, face brick wall ‘carvings’, and rough cement gallery floor. Copper is synonymous with South Africa, and the floors are patterned with copper studs, while tree-like canopies (symbolizing meeting places in old Africa) welcome visitors.

The showroom houses stylish appliances that are are installed in backgrounds of rough steel, stone, or glass, beautifully contrasting the latest in modern kitchen cabinet design.”

Contact Details for Miele Bryanston

011-875 9000

63 Peter Place
Miele Building
Gauteng, 2191
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