Go Life International Limited is a healthcare company primarily listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius (SEM) and more recently, also listed on the AltX of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE). With the listing on the AltX, Go Life is now able to accommodate South African investors who were previously precluded from investing in off shore structures. The primary listing is however retained on the SEM.The initial focus of Go Life was the Global Nutraceutical market for health supporting products or contemporary alternative medicines (CAM) as it is also known, which market represents one of the fastest growing segments in the healthcare arena.A change in strategy brought along a more diverse Go Life; through the acquisition of key role players and the nesting of key partnerships in the healthcare market. Methodical attention was applied in acquiring excellent and respected brands in the healthcare industry.Go Life International is a multi-faceted healthcare company offering a comprehensive all-inclusive product range; addressing market needs from pharmaceutical, generic, nutraceutical, medical consumables through to high end sophisticated hospital equipment.Go life caters for the informal market as well as the middle to upper expenditure segment of the formal market. The Go Life range of products are manufactured in an established MCC registered production facility in SA.Go Life boasts an established infrastructure managed by an experienced team with international expertise in areas such as development of digital enablement platforms, research and development, international distribution and innovative marketing strategies.In order to sustain Go Life’s mission, strategic associations with various prominent role players were established. This profile aims to introduce and elevate key companies in the Go Life Group.

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