In an android version whether it be an urgent text, hyperlink, important data, it can be transmitted fluently through one android to another android device(s).

FloText is a great tool for everyday use for everyone.

Simply copy the data in one device and paste it another, just like a typical copy and paste
Easy to work on multiple devices and platforms at any time
History of copied data for your future reference

You can connect devices either via bluetooth or through server connection. Simply generate a code in one device and insert the code in the other device(s) you want to connect with to establish a secure connection. That’s it!!!

You can connect any number of devices with that code. Once connection is established, text “copied” in one device is available to “paste” in another device.

With the Bluetooth edition you can connect when devices are in range of the bluetooth signals.

With the server edition, you just need a data or wifi.

Other information

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