FiberGuide ( is a fibre optic training and consulting company. Our most popular fibre training course is CONA (Certified Optical Network Training Associate).

About CONA
CONA is an intense 5-day training course in optical networking focusing on WDM, SWDM, CWDM and DWDM technologies for up to 10Gbps per channel and up to 88 channels. All other topics in optical networking such as fibre optics, passive components, optical amplifiers, transceivers, modulation formats, and transmission systems will be covered.

Delegates should pass an assignment based on a case study and an examination administered at the end of the course to be CONA certified. Delegates will also be awarded IEEE Continuing Education Units (CEUs) certificates.

Who should attend?
Telecommunication or IT engineers, technicians and project managers involved with network planning, design, operations, and other related roles are encouraged to register. A background in fiber optics (such FOA, COFI, CFCE certifications) or a degree in the sciences or engineering are desirable.

Where to get more details?
Event details can be found by at our Fiber Optic Training page at You can also download the complete course brochure at

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