Has your plumbing system been acting up lately? Do you have issues with the tap, faucet, flushing system, or sewer line? Tell us all about it. Our qualified Durban plumbers have the best solutions for you. We are an accredited company that delivers quality plumbing services to residents and businesses in the region. You can reach us at any time through our direct hotline 087 550 3144. We have plumbers on standby waiting to deal with any emergencies. They have a good mastery of the neighborhood, thus making it easy to reach clients in all the surrounding suburbs fast.

Apart from drain laying, repairs, and maintenance, we also install bathroom fittings, clear septic tanks, replace geysers & water heaters, and test pressure valves. For decades, our plumbers have been the go-to professionals for all manner of plumbing service and consultation. We always get the job done and keep clients happy. None of our competitors are as reliable or as trustworthy as our drain specialists. We have an unrivalled reputation of providing durable plumbing solutions, and charging very competitive rates. You can get your free quote now if you head over to our website at http://www.durbanplumbers.com/, and fill out the contact form. Plus, the homepage has everything you need to know about our company.

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  • Listing Addressbbbb : 11 Stella Grove Bulwer Berea 4083 Durban
  • Listing Suburbbbbb : 11 Stella Grove Bulwer Berea 4083 Durban
  • Listing Townbbbb : Durban