Digital Jelly, The Marketing Company
While embracing traditional mediums, Digital Jelly, the marketing company is a strategic and creative agency with a twist. We look beyond traditional mediums to the growing digital media space. We are an ideas-driven, technology powered, and strategically minded agency. Leading the convergence of the South African broadband revolution.

As media platforms merge (TV, OOH, In-store, Mobile and Internet), Digital is being recognised as an increasingly effective tool within the marketing mix. With our unique and proven experience, our digital agency services helps clients stand out from the crowd and engage with today’s increasing number of digitally enabled consumers.

Digital Jelly is helping brands and organisations to harness the opportunities of the fast-changing digital media landscape. We develop new ways to connect with your audiences in a more relevant and engaging way.

We also look beyond the marketing message to see how our Digital Jelly services can offer solutions to enhance business infrastructure, and the way that organisations service customers as well as their own internal networks. These solutions often provide internal efficiencies on the one hand and utility to the customer on the other.

Other information

  • Listing Addressbbbb : 110 Koornhof Rd
  • Listing Suburbbbbb : Meadowdale
  • Listing Townbbbb : Johannesburg