Our core business focus over the past ten years has been to seek legitimate and able buyers, not restricted by any geographical boundaries or logistical obstacles. Today we still strive towards excellence in client relations and building strong relationships with our valued clients. We take pride in the quality of our products, which are all SABS tested and verified by ourselves as well as our clients.
By providing only the best proven quality local cement available in the market today coupled with reliable after sales service BB Cement ensures client satisfaction. Furthermore clients can also rest assured in knowing that at BB Cement the availability of product during the busy season is our priority.

BB Cement is manufactured to SABS standards. It is a tertiary blend made up by homogenising slagment, ash and ordinary Portland cement in controlled proportions. BB Cement has been technically designed to provide a true all purpose cement.

BB Cement is ideally suited for use in concrete pavements, floor slabs, plaster, mortar as well as the manufacturing of bricks. Our products are designed for the contract builder, home builder and brick maker to aid in general cement needs.

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