Alvin Hayes, Jr. plays all saxophones, flutes, clarinets and other members of the Woodwind family. He hails from Long Beach, California. As to his musical background, he remarked “my Mother and Father were involved in music, so I guess that I was destined to play something. You know I actually played the drums…the bass drum… “ boom… chick …chick…boom.” He started his formal music training at the age of nine. His first instrument was the violin. “I can remember the violin, age 9… “I had an aunt”, he goes on to say. “And she had this instrument and my Mother wanted to get me involved in music. So… it was my ‘axe’ (instrument). I discovered after a year that it was not going to be my calling”, he recalled. The next year he got his wish and began saxophone lessons. “Man…that was the beginning. My Mom knew the cafeteria lady at my elementary school. And I they got to talking and this led to that and… Now I didn’t know that her brother had once played with the big band leader Jack Teagarden.” He had retired to Long Beach and was playing in the Long Beach Municipal Band. He was giving private lesson. Soon after, young Alvin began studying classical saxophone and flute with Clark Crandall. It was with Crandall that Alvin received his early technical foundation and appreciation of all types of music.

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