Allife is an authorised Financial Services Provider providing Life Insurance and Disability Cover to individuals living with Diabetes and HIV. AllLife is able to provide cover to this otherwise neglected market by partnering with our clients, we insure our clients live and maintain a healthy lifestyle, by reminding them of their health commitment and are aware of any health concerns as they may arise, in addition the AllLife website serves as a portal of information about living with these diseases and how to best manage them. This unique approach to life insurance insures that not only are we an innovative provider of specialised and affordable life insurance but also that our clients have all the tools and information to live there best life and protect their futures. Because at AllLife we know when you are taken care of so are your your loved ones.

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  • Listing Addressbbbb : 14th Floor Libridge Building
  • Listing Address 2bbbb : 25 Ameshoff Street
  • Listing Suburbbbbb : Braamfontein
  • Listing Townbbbb : Johannesburg