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Eco Shepherd Pty (Ltd)

‘Eco Shepherd is a successful distributor of quality eco-friendly products. Our unique bacterial, enzyme and eco-friendly cleaning and chemical products are manufactured based on South African soil cultures. This gives them a natural home ground performance advantage allowing them to metabolize faster, reproduce quicker, degrade waste more efficiently, and survive for longer. We now avoid … Read moreEco Shepherd Pty (Ltd)

VOD Group of Companies

We supply a select range of Tuctos grinding discs cut-off wheels for use on wide range of materials: metal, stone, concrete and more. Telephone: 021 827 1587

Eu-Parts Companies Group

EU-PARTS was formed in a merger of large companies from different countries, specializing in the manufacture and sale of aftermarket parts and accessories for European ,Asian automobiles, buses, trucks and agricultural tractors. We created a strong network with experience in this business for over 12 years. The main advantage of EU-PARTS is a prime location … Read moreEu-Parts Companies Group

Twinsaver Group Riverview Plant

Toilet Paper Manufacturer