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@Sunrise Addiction Treatment Centre

We aim to provide effective, comfortable, affordable treatment for addictions from which rehabilitation and recovery is possible. We use the proven Minnesota and Twelve Step Program with a unique offering in that all the counselors are recovering addicts. Our treatment is abstinence based which assists the clients to face the reality of their addictions. We … Read more

SciMotion Physical Rehabilitation

SciMotion offers therapy and rehabilitation for people with neurological conditions, mostly spinal cord injury and stroke physical therapy.

Talk It Out

We have helped many couples regain their flame through Relationship counseling and marriage counseling. We offer our couples counseling in Centurion, Johannesburg. Allow us to help you and your relationship with our couples therapy.

Groove Custom – Meditation and Mindfulness

An online resource for meditation and mindfulness. Groove Custom offers meditation techniques and meditation music.

Body Frequency Alignment – Complementary Healing

Body Frequency Alignment (BFA) is a complementary healing technique that aims at assisting the body/brain to function at its optimum state. It has shown to strengthen the immune system and assists in more rapid recovery from chronic disease.Body Frequency Alignment has proven highly successful with stress management, as well as pain management.