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Converted Click

We define the ultimate digital search strategy to increase your business goals. Converted Click provides the complete digital marketing services.

Minerva Graphic Designs

Minerva Designs is a student-run freelance design studio and social media marketing agency that strives to provide its clients with functional, beautiful and affordable design and marketing services that enable smaller businesses to compete with larger corporations.We’re passionate about entrepreneurs and branding new businesses and our professional services are offered at affordable rates which benefit … Read moreMinerva Graphic Designs

Crowd Farming

Founded in South Africa, Open Field chicken is South Africa’s first biggest black female owned poultry house growing and supplying wholesalers and major distributors of all poultry products. Open Field started from just 1000 chickens in 2015 as a co-operative and later change to a private company ( Pty ) LTD and grew to create … Read moreCrowd Farming

Executive Adverts

Executive Adverts is a digital advertising company that advertise business information, product and service using social media platforms for social sharing, online classifieds for adverts advertising and online business directories for online business listings.

IEDM Digital Marketing

IEDM Digital Marketing will provide you with a powerful digital solution tailored to your business. We perform a thorough audit of all your current online platforms and digital marketing campaigns. Then, we use comprehensive research methods to find ways to improve and expand your digital footprint. We will give you a complete blueprint of how … Read moreIEDM Digital Marketing